How Moinak Dutta is Advocating for the Power of Online Distributors to Level the Playing Field for Independent Musicians


Moinak Dutta, popularly known as Shaivya, is a multi-talented artist from India. He is an actor, writer, musician, and singer who has been making waves in the independent music scene. his music is a perfect blend of soulful melodies, catchy hooks, and meaningful lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide.

One of the remarkable things about Moinak is his positive outlook on the music industry. In recent years, online distributors like Distrokid, Tunecore, Cdbaby, and others have made it easier for independent musicians to release their music and be heard on major streaming platforms. Shaivya is an advocate for these platforms, as he recognizes the benefits they provide to independent artists.

In the past, independent musicians had limited opportunities to showcase their talents, as the music industry was dominated by big record labels. These labels had the resources and connections to promote their artists and get their music on the radio, television, and other mainstream media outlets. However, with the advent of digital distribution platforms, the playing field has been leveled for independent musicians.

Moinak Dutta believes that online distributors have opened up new avenues for independent musicians to gain exposure, reach wider audiences, and make a name for themselves. Through these platforms, artists can release their music worldwide, without the need for a record label or significant financial backing. This means that anyone with talent, passion, and dedication can make it in the music industry.

His positive outlook on the music industry is inspiring, as it highlights the potential of digital distribution platforms to revolutionize the music industry. While big record labels still play a significant role in the industry, independent musicians now have more options and opportunities than ever before. As Shaivya has demonstrated, talent, hard work, and dedication can take an artist a long way, regardless of their background or financial resources.