How Herro is sprucing up the game via Firestarter


Having been around the DeFi space for a long, he now advances with this latest launchpad.

The world of digital assets has significantly evolved and is predicted to hold the future tight, looking at the pace they have been growing. Many individuals have stepped into this sphere, brushing up their knowledge and expertise around this space, even imparting their expertise for the benefit of others. Herro is one such name that has gained prominence over the DeFi world due to his impressive work exceeding his expectations. Having dug deep into the digital asset space, he has gained in-depth knowledge and stands amongst the best industry experts of present times.

He started off in 2016 with $3,000 in the crypto market, which grew to nearly $10,000,000. Moreover, he has also given over 5 BTC to his followers and friends in the past three years, which was quite an impressive feat. By 2020 he worked for several projects in the top 50 by market cap to grow their brand awareness and community, also pushing their marketing initiatives. Presently, he is involved in a few blockchain & NFT projects which stand amongst the world’s biggest and best, helping them connect to VCs, KOLS and celebrities for funding and boosting their presence via strategic marketing efforts.

Herro is also a part of the team, working with several crypto projects on brand/marketing exposure over the past three years. Talking about his association with this project, Herro says, “My passion for the DeFi space has got me involved with various interesting projects, Firestarter being the most impressive one. This is a launchpad for metaverse projects which aims at putting the community at the forefront. Many financial opportunities have opened up via this launchpad, especially for the community, which will benefit the most from it.”

Firestarter provides crypto startup projects access to funding and connecting them to legal and centralized exchanges. It also looks after the overall brand/marketing exposure for various projects associated with them. Herro is personally responsible for allocation of all projects KOL investments & marketing. This industry expert has managed various marketing campaigns for crypto projects and has access to around 200 Crypto KOLS & celebrities. Apart from these jobs, he provides tweets, dedicated YouTube videos, telegram/discord community engagement, articles, TikTok and Instagram stories, all associated with the digital asset space.