Hotel owners down shutters in Assam as onion prices soar


GUWAHATI, Dec 6: From housewives looking from alternatives to vegetable vendors using ingenious marketing strategies to sell off stocks, escalating onion prices have really hit the ‘Aam Aadmi’ very hard. And surging prices have now hit restaurant businesses in Assam with owners of many restaurants and fast food joints forced to down shutters.

As prices hit the roof, restaurant owners, particularly smaller fast-food kiosks, have been forced to down shutters over losses following rising prices.

“We practically need onions for every cuisine we make. I need around 15-20 kilograms a day. After prices crossed the century mark, I had no option but to down shutters for a week since as I was suffering losses,” the owner of a restaurant in Goalpara told News Live.

“It’s practically not possible for us to run businesses if onion prices don’t come down. Many other hotel and fast food joints have also shut down in the wake of rising onion prices,” he added.

Onion prices have hit the roof with a kilogram selling as high as Rs 130 in markets across Assam.