Hong Kong police officer reprimanded for chanting “I can’t breathe” during anti-government protest


Hong Kong: The anti-racism protests triggered by the George Floyd death in the United States has gripped Hong Kong as well. However, the Hong Kong government and mainland China are taking stern action against officials supporting the “Black Lives Matter”.

While people across the world have lauded police personnel who kneeled to show solidarity to the protesters, Hong Kong government and mainland China has reprimanded a police officer who chanted ” I Can’t Breathe” during an anti-government rally in Yau Ma Tei.

The South China Morning Post reported video footage, posted on social media, showing an officer approaching the camera and chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “I can’t breathe”.

He was recorded as saying “Black Lives Matter” in English and “I Can’t Breathe” three times each and “this is not America” in the 20-second clip that was published on the government-funded public broadcaster RTHK’s website on the weekend, said a local media.

“Police are aware of that video clip. Management of the force is concerned and is of the view that the language used by the frontline police officer on June 12 was not relevant to his duties at the scene,” a police spokesperson was quoted as saying.

“The officer has been rebuked and reminded to always present himself professionally and enhance his sensitivity,” she added.

The incident had occurred during an anti-government protest in Yau Ma Tei to mark the first anniversary of the then anti-extradition demonstration.

The “Blac Lives Matter” protest began after George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American man, died under police custody in Minneapolis. (ANI)