Himanta Biswa Sarma indicates talks with peaceful protesters


Guwahati, Dec 17: “The government has no issue with democratic protests against amended Citizenship Act. I am sure government of India will definitely open up a panel of discussion with peaceful negotiators,”said Assam Health and Finance Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Addressing a press meet in Guwahati on Monday, Dr. Sarma indicated holding of rounds of talks soon with the organisations protesting through democratic and peaceful means.

“It is a sub-judice issue; court will decide the merits and demerits of the case. Since it is a central government law, I hope government will reach out to the protesters at some point of time,” Sarma added.  

The Assam Health and Finance Minister also stated that Government would act tough against unscrupulous elements stoking violence and spreading rumours among public.