Here’s what users can face after not accepting WhatsApp’s new privacy policy


Washington: After facing backlash from users over the new privacy policy, the American messaging service WhatsApp has come up with a list of details of changes that a user could face after ignoring its terms by the May 15 deadline.

According to Tech Crunch, WhatsApp has detailed what will happen to users who won’t agree to new privacy changes through a mail which explains that it will slowly ask such users to comply with the new terms in order to have full functionality of WhatsApp till May 15.

The Facebook-owned company also added in the note that, “If the user will not accept the terms, for a short time, these users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but will not be able to read or send messages from the app.”

Tech Crunch reported that the short time of asking users to comply with the norms would span ahead for a few weeks and for the inactive users, its policy will apply after May 15. Usually, according to the WhatsApp policy, the accounts of inactive users get deleted automatically after 120 days of inactivity.

Recently, the instant messaging service received heavy backlash from a portion of its clients, most of which were from its greatest market – India. Following this, a month ago after an in-application alert, they notified that the users have February 8 as the last date to consent to the planned security terms, which are being made to mirror its new drive into internet business.

Tech Crunch quoted, “Since 2016, WhatsApp’s privacy policies have granted the service permission to share with Facebook certain metadata such as user phone numbers and device information.

The new terms will allow Facebook and WhatsApp to share payment and transaction data in order to help them better target ads as the social juggernaut broadens its e-commerce offerings and looks to merge its messaging platforms.” (ANI)