Have built bridges of peace, ushered development in Assam: PM Modi


Darrang: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday attacked Congress in poll-bound Assam, saying its 15-year rule in the state was marked by “corruption” and the rule by BJP-led government over the past five years had ushered development in the state.

Addressing a rally here, he said Congress neither has a leader nor policy today.

He said the BJP-led government has developed bridges of peace.

“In the last five years, violence and revolts in Assam has ended. Under Congress, it was very regular. It still takes place regularly in Bengal where an Opposition party is sitting for the last 10 years,” he said.

PM Modi said people in Assam have seen “corrupt” Congress rule for 15 years and double-engine government for the past five years.

“You have seen corrupt Congress government for 15 years and also seen double engine government for the past five years. Industries were closed during Congress rule, no one was prepared to set up new industry. Today, there are new hopes for new industries,” he said.

He alleged that the ration of poor was swindled during the Congress rule and the BJP government has digitised the system to prevent any misuse.

“Congress is pursuing a policy, speak lies, spread rumours and get power at any cost. You have to stay alert from Congress. Congress wants Assam’s governance to loot the state. We want to govern the state to serve the people. We want every poor to get a house, every house gets a gas and tap connection – this is our priority,” he said.

He said the promises made in the BJP manifesto will bring prosperity to the people of Assam.

PM Modi said even after decades of Congress rule, only three major bridges could be built in Assam.

“But during the six years of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) governance here several bridges, including Dhola Sadiya, Bogibeel, Saraighat have started functioning.

“Ration cards have been digitised. With ‘One Nation One Ration Card’, the poor can buy ration from anywhere in country. Such a facility has been provided by the double engine government,” he said.

PM Modi said an industrial corridor is being built near Guwahati, which will be longer than 150 kilometres.

“In the next few years, several thematic, food, and bamboo parks will also be built. This will directly benefit the farmers, as well as the youth of Assam,” he said. (ANI)