Happy that NEP hasn’t raised concerns of any bias: PM Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that it is a matter of happiness that no section of the country has stated that the National Education Policy (NEP) has any bias. The Prime Minister said that the goal of the NEP should be to empower the present and future generations to be future-ready.

“After the National Education Policy came, no section of the country said that the policy has any bias. It is a matter of happiness,” Prime Minister Modi said while addressing a ‘Conclave on Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy’, via video conferencing.

“Every country equates education to its national interest and moves forward. The goal is that the education system should keep the present and future generation future-ready. NEP’s basis in India is similar. NEP’s goal is to enable the youth of the country for future challenges,” he added.

“NEP was approved after extensive discussions over 3-4 years and deliberation over lakhs of suggestions,” the Prime Minister added.

“National Education Policy is being discussed across the nation today. People from different fields and ideologies are giving their views and reviewing the policy. It’s a healthy debate. The more it is done, the more it will be beneficial to the education system of the country,” he added. (ANI)