‘HagramaMohilary’s statement on sharing of accord modalities unjustified’: Pramod Bodo


GUWAHATI: War of words continues between former ABSU president Pramod Bodo and BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary.

Replying to Hagrama’s comment on the Bodo Accord the ABSU president who was also a signatory of the Bodo Accord, said that Hagrama Mohilary’s statement on sharing of accord modalities was unjustified.

Pramod Bodo said that Hagrama Mohilary was present during the signing of the accord and could have raised the issue with the Centre there itself.

“BPF didn’t protest, nor did Hagarama Mohilary. The discussion was with those who were protesting. So, Hagrama is afraid as well as ashamed as he was left out from the entire process. He signed as a witness to the peace accord, but before signing he should have asked, what the treaty was all about. He is speaking a lot but it is all for his political interest. He has insulted the protestors and Bodo martyrs,” said former ABSU president, Pramod Bodo.