Guwahati’s first-ever Night Marathon concludes


GUWAHATI: Thousands of participants took part in Guwahati’s first-ever Night Marathon including a number of international runners. Organized by Asmakam Foundation to promote healthy living the event started at around 07:00 PM from Veterinary College Field, Khanapara.

The event was categorized into full 42.2-kilometer run, half marathon of 21.1 kilometers, 10 kilometers and 5 kilometers (also for under-18 participants).

Also, the Asmakam Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 was presented to Arjun Bhogeswar Baruah.

“There are different categories for Indian and International players and also different categories for male and female players in the 42.2-kilometer run. In the 10 kilometer run, there are different age groups like 18-35, 35-50 and above 50. Many participants were aged above 60, one participant was 73 years old. People of all caste-creed-religion participated in the event,” said a member of the organizing team.

He also added, “We were informed that roads were blocked in various places, people had to face heavy traffic in some areas. The reason behind organizing it during night was that if we organize it in the day, roads would have been blocked for the whole day. So, we thought if we can start it in the evening it would be more convenient. I on behalf of Asmakam Foundation, apologize to all who faced traffic problems during the event.”



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