Guwahati’s earthen pot makers bear the brunt of COVID-19 crisis, struggle to meet expenses


Guwahati: Earthen pot makers in Guwahati are grappling to meet financial expenses owing to reduced demand amid COVID-19, sellers here assert that there lives have become miserable amid the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking to ANI, Santra Devi, a seller said, “This is our only means of livelihood, but there are no customers. Few people intimidate us for opening our stall. Our lives have become miserable.”

“We were sitting idle during the lockdown for two to three months. This is our only livelihood, how will we survive? Government should at least check on us,” she added.

Devi asserted that it has become difficult for the earthen pot makers here to even earn Rs 200 to Rs 300 per day.

Ramesh Kumar Prajapati, another seller said: “There are no customers so we are unable to sell the pots. We are forced to borrow money from others and survive somehow.” (ANI)