Guwahati: Youth murdered in Maligaon


Guwahati:  A youth was murdered by some unknown miscreants in Maligaon’s Pandu area late Friday night. The deceased has been identified as Vicky Sutradhar, a local of the Pandu area. According to Assam Police wounds have been spotted on Sutradar’s face, head and on his body.

While talking to the media an Assam Police official said, “In the wee hours, we were informed that a dead body has been found by the locals. We immediately rushed to the spot and recovered the body of Sutradhar. The marks on the body clearly indicate that it was a murder. We are not sure about the motive behind the crime”.

The official also added, “This particular place is known for illegal activities like drugs, ganja and alcohol and we are looking up that theory, too. We have started with our investigation. I also want to urge the locals to inform us if they find out any kind of illegal consumption of such illicit drugs in the area.”

Reportedly, Sutradhar was involved in drugs and local liquor dealings.

Meanwhile, local residents have been traumatized by the sudden incident in the area.

One of the locals said, “A month back Sutradhar returned from the rehab but I am not sure whether he was consuming drugs or not.  We have no idea how the boy ended here and got killed himself. This particular area is famous for all the criminal activities in Pandu. It has become a hub for all the drug peddlers and thieves. We really want a permanent solution and we are ready to help the police to get into the root cause of the crime and stop all the criminal activities in the area”.

“The place is always buzzing with all kinds of criminal activities such as illegal gambling, drug consumption, etc. And because of such illegal trades, this kind of incident takes place. The police have themselves seen the scenario today, hope they will immediately do something,” said another Pandu local.