Guwahati: Thieves spray chemical, loot house in Gitanagar


GUWAHATI: A case of theft has been reported from Gitanagar area of the city. According to the victim, the thieves sprayed some chemical that kept the family unconscious while the burglars ransacked the house. The thieves entered the house by cutting the door locks.

“I woke up with a severe headache in the morning. I am still feeling dizzy. They took away three mobile phones from where I was sleeping. One laptop was taken away from the office. Luckily, there was no cash as it is their main target,” said the victim, Buland Akhtar Hazarika.  

Hazarika’s laptop and mobile phones contain vital data as he is working with various government projects. The victim believes that it is the work of drug addicts who are in need of quick money.

“They will take those items that they can sell easily to buy drugs. This is done by drug addicts. This is a way to make easy money and buy drugs. A similar incident had occurred in the past when Rs. 4 lakh cash was taken away. An FIR had been lodged but there was no result. Police investigation is limited to paper work and there is no further response. We cooperate with the police but get nothing in return,” lamented Hazarika.