Guwahati the most unsafe place for displaced children in Assam: Report


Guwahati: Guwahati reported the highest rate of incidents of theft, dacoity, murder, crime against women and crime against children in Assam. Even after modernisation, the Assam Police have not only failed in stopping these crimes, they are not also able to find a solution to reducing such incidents.

According to reports by Assam State Commission For Protection Of Child Rights, Guwahati is at the top of the region in crime against children which mainly includes children affected by natural disaster, poverty, etc that leads to an increase in crimes like human trafficking, child marriage, child molestation and sexual harassment.

It is to be noted that the highest number of FIRs related to crime against child have been reported in the police stations of Guwahati. In 2018, 99 FIRs against such cases were registered in Police Stations under Guwahati City. People nowadays have started coming forward against such crimes because of the awareness programmes led by various NGOs and associations in the city.

According to the data provided by Assam State Commission For Protection Of Child Rights, after Guwahati it is Nagaon District which comes close second in such crimes. In 2018, a total of 94 cases were registered in Nagaon.

The third is Morigaon district where 92 cases were registered and in fourth position is Dhubri district where 84 cases were registered last year, with 82 registered cases in 2018, Kamrup district falls in the fifth position in the list.

Number of registered FIRs of crime against children in 2018

Guwahati 99
Nagaon 94
Morigaon 92
Dhubri 84
Kamrup 82


It is to be noted that Goalpara, Sadiya and Majuli have no reports of crime against children. Almost all districts of Assam have reports of crime against children but Assam Police have not taken any steps against these FIRs so far.

Even after the reported rise in such incidents, the Government and Police are not doing their best for these helpless children.

The government has not taken any strong initiative in order to stop crime against children who are the future.