Guwahati: Teen drowns in Brahmaputra River at Sukreswar Ghat


In a tragic incident, a young boy, estimated to be around 15 to 16 years old, is feared to have drowned in the Brahmaputra River during an outing at Sukreswar Ghat in Guwahati on Saturday evening.

According to initial reports, the youth along with his five other friends went to the ghat to take a bath amidst scorching heat conditions in the city. They all ventured deep into the water while bathing in the river; however, one of them was feared drowned.

According to preliminary reports, the boy, identified as Zahid Ahmed, a class 10 student residing in Guwahati’s Birubari locality.

While they were bathing in the river, they ventured into deeper waters, and unfortunately, one of them went missing.

Upon receiving the information, a joint team comprising the river police and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) initiated a search operation on Sunday morning to locate the missing boy.

The SDRF personnel stated that due to the darkness the previous evening, they were unable to commence the search operation immediately.

However, they resumed their efforts at 6 am the following day.