Guwahati: Royal Bengal Tigress In Assam Zoo Gives Birth To 2 Cubs


Guwahati: A Royal Bengal tigress named Kazi gave birth to two cubs at the Assam State Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden in Guwahati on Saturday.

With these babies, the zoo’s Royal Bengal tiger population has grown to nine.

The forest department has urged Parimal Suklabaidya, the forest minister, to pick up with names for the cubs.

According to official, the mother and the cubs are both in good health. Because the mercury level in the state has plummeted in recent days, the zoo management has taken all necessary precautions to protect them from the cold.

Heaters have been installed outside the cage, and enough dry straw has been placed inside to keep the cubs warm during this cold spell, official added.

Official stated that the mother’s nutrition has been prioritised. Around 6-7 kg of meat is given to the mother, along with other vet-prescribed diet.

A clean habitat for the zoo’s animals has long been a priority. In the cage, particular focus has been paid to hygiene and cleanliness so that the mother and her cubs do not contract any diseases, official said.