Guwahati: Robbers strike at Chatribari apartment, loot cash & jewelry worth Rs 10 lakh from family at knifepoint


Guwahati: Guwahati has once been locked by another shocking and sensational broad daylight robbery with a group of four robbers looting a family of cash and jewelry before making good their escape. The robbery took place in Guwahati’s Chatribari locality with the robbers carrying out the looting spree at knifepoint.

The robbers entered Kiranshree Apartment around noon, then made it to the fourth-floor apartment of a person named Gautam Saage before robbing the family at knifepoint.

CCTV footage showed them casually entering the apartment and they make their way out after robbing the family.  

“There were four persons. They barged into our house and threatened us with knives. They forcibly took away all the jewelry and cash. One of them choked my mouth with a cloth and tried to strangulate me. They also threatened to attack my mother-in-law. It was very scary. We were all in tears,” Saage’s wife said while trying to hold back tears.

“The robbers entered my room and then pointed a knife at my stomach threatening to stab me if I made any noise and did not give in to their demands,” Saage’s mother, who was also in tears, said.

The robbers, believed to be in their mid-twenties, threatened the two women with dire consequences if they went ahead and lodged a complaint with the police.

Incidentally, the robbers refused to sign the visitors’ register while entering the apartment saying that they would return in a few minutes.

“They were four in number and when I asked them to sign in the visitors’ register they said that will do so after coming down. But they did not,” the security guard said.      

A team from Paltan Bazar police station has reached the apartment and has begun an investigation besides trying to ascertain the identities of the robbers.