Guwahati reports 4974 COVID-19 positive cases since June 24


GUWAHATI: Guwahati has so far reported 4974 COVID-19 positive cases since June 24. Among 535 cases in Assam on Saturday, 410 COVID-19 cases were detected from Guwahati alone.

Though the number of cases has been significantly coming down with the imposition of lockdown, Kamrup (Metro) district continues to be at the top in terms of cases reported daily in Assam.

While 378 COVID-19 cases were found on July 1 in Guwahati, 238 cases on July 2, 134 on July 3, 777 on July 4, 552 on July 5, 598 on July 6, 588 on July 7, 423 on July 8, 355 on July 9 and 521 cases were detected on July 10 in the city.

Most of these cases are without any travel history.

Meanwhile, the Assam government on Saturday increased the lockdown in Guwahati by another week till July 19.