Guwahati people happy with our drive against city buses: Transport officials


Guwahati:  After seizing 79 city buses and imposing fines of approximately ₹ 6.50 lakh for breaking transport rules in Guwahati, the Assam transport department officials on Thursday were back on streets ensuring that traffic rules were obeyed.

Assistant Commissioner of Transport Gunadhar Das and other officials of the transport department travelled in city buses of Guwahati to check the current situation of the buses. The officials were ensuring that the buses followed the exact rules and regulations of Motor Vehicles Act.  

Gunadhar Das said, “People are quite relieved and happy with the initiative that we have taken regarding the city buses. City buses are the lifeline of Guwahati. The way the buses are plying right now everyone is quite happy about that. The drivers of the buses have already put up their photos on the front glass and it has been implemented properly.”

He also added, “When we wear new shoes it takes time to get adjusted with the new pair. The problems of city buses are like old disease, so it will take some time for everyone to follow the rules properly. But I hope things will fall in place very soon.”

The new policy directs all city buses to have a stoppage time of not more than one minute which was agreed by the government and city bus association.

From 13th February 2020, the state transport department officials have been keeping a close watch and imposing fines and seizing those city buses that are flouting rules.