Guwahati: No E-Challan for 5-6 days; Heavy fining drive to be in place from next week


Police Commissioner Harmeet Singh has appealed to the people to follow the traffic rules religiously.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday, the Guwahati Police Commissioner talked about the newly introduced integrated traffic management system and said that new traffic rules have been introduced and people have been given a time period of five days to get themselves acquainted with the new scenario.

Harmeet Singh also said that for five days no fines would be issued to people. He said this relaxation has been given for five days so that people can get acclimatized to the new rules.

Harmeet Singh also said that strict monitoring would be conducted with regard to parking in the city so that traffic congestion and jams can be avoided.

He pleaded with city residents to assist with traffic those who are unable to figure out and adjust to the new traffic rules.

New traffic management includes parking cars in a single line on GS Road, forbidding city buses from stopping anywhere other than designated bus stops, prohibiting parking in front of schools and shopping centres, and more.

Singh also mentioned the issues that the city’s residents were having as a result of the construction of flyovers everywhere.

He also mentioned the issues that the city’s residents were having as a result of the construction of flyovers everywhere.

He added that until the main office is built, the Commissioner of Police’s office will work out of the Police Reserve, Crime Branch, and Vigilance. The Commissioner of Police’s office will be vacated in 15 days.

Coming to fines, the Guwahati Police Commissioner said that about Rs 4 crores have been collected as fines in one month. He also said that Rs 28 crores have been collected from January till July.

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma launched to the people of Guwahati phase-I of the Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) under the City Police Commissionerate for traffic management and control from ITMS Control Room.

ITMS will cover at least 20 locations of Guwahati which include Paltanbazar, Nepali Temple, Ulubari, Bhangaghar, ABC Point, Srinagar Point, Ganeshguri, Super Market, Six Mile, VIP Road, Khanapara Flyover, Last Gate, Jayanagar Point, Ganesh Mandir, and Rajdhani Mosque.