Guwahati: Low oxygen level at Dighalipukhuri leading to death of fishes


GUWAHATI: Reports of a large number of fishes dying and floating at Dighalipukhuri water tank has generated a public uproar. The government has ordered an inquiry into the matter. Fisheries minister Parimal Suklabaidya has directed the officials to find ways to stop the death of fishes. But it seems the department has failed to do anything as fishes continue to die.

The fishes at Dighalipukhuri had started dying in large numbers suddenly since Saturday. Though the quantity of dead fish has come down on Tuesday, the deaths have not stopped. Water samples were collected from the spot and sent to labs for testing. The lab reports have confirmed the increase of living organisms in the water and decrease in oxygen level which is the primary reason behind the death of hundreds of fishes at Dighalipukhuri.

Though the fisheries department in coordination with the city authorities is trying their best to increase the level of oxygen in the water, they are still not successful in reducing the deaths.

Nature lovers and concerned citizens are alleging that water from the city’s drains have found its way into Dighalipukhuri that has led to contamination. According to the local residents, water from the surrounding areas is getting released into Dighalipukhuri. Many doubt that the dirty water is related to the deaths of the fishes. On the other hand the fishery department has confirmed that low oxygen levels have resulted in the death of fishes at Dighalipukhuri.