Guwahati: Kamakhya Colony at Pandu becomes COVID-19 hotspot


GUWAHATI: Kamakhya Colony area at Pandu in Guwahati has become a COVID-19 hotspot as several cases with no travel history have been detected in the area in last few days. According to reports, more than 50 COVID-19 positive cases were found in Kamakhya Colony area in last 24 hours which signify the gravity of the situation.

Reportedly, all of them had no travel history.

“More than 50 cases have been detected in last 24 hours. They did not have any travel history. I think all of them were infected due to community transmission,” said the local councillor.

“We are really afraid. It has become a hotspot,” said a local.

Notably, among the total 408 COVID-19 cases which were reported in Assam on Wednesday, 378 cases were from Guwahati.

Assam health minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has already cautioned the citizens about the situation in the city. He urged everyone to follow the lockdown rules sincerely.