Guwahati: IMA members, doctors stage protest against ‘mixopathy’


Guwahati: Indian Medical Association (IMA) members and doctors staged a protest against the Centre’s law enabling Ayurvedic doctors to practice modern medicine and surgical procedures in Guwahati.

“They are mixing the modern medical system with the traditional one. It takes eight to 10 years to become a surgeon but the Centre is allowing Ayurvedic practitioners to perform it with only three years of training. It is a sort of experiment on people,” said Satyajeet Bora, IMA Assam State Chief.

He added, “The Government of India has to withdraw the notification. We are protesting against mixopathy.”

IMA has called for a nationwide no-demonstration strike on Friday. The medical body is demanding the withdrawal of the notification allowing Ayurveda postgraduates to perform modern medicine surgery.

The nationwide doctors’ strike will disrupt medical services across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The medical services in Assam will also be interrupted except for emergency services and COVID care services.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Rajan Sharma, national president, IMA, said allowing Ayurveda postgraduates to perform surgery is a ‘blatant attempt’ to ‘corrupt’ the healthcare system of the country.

“It takes years and years to become a doctor and with ‘mixopaths’ what are we heading for? It’s a failure when nations compromise on health,” said Dr Sharma.

IMA reiterates that it has taken 200 years of medical research to reach modern medical capabilities, where modern medicines are controlled and double controlled and are research-oriented.

Doctors across the country are observing the strike by wearing a black ribbon as a mark of protest while on duty.

Meanwhile, IMA has called for the withdrawal of all non-essential non-COVID services between 6 am and 6 pm today and the agitation is likely to intensify in the coming weeks. (ANI)