Guwahati: Heavy rains cause flash floods, Several localities water logged


Guwahati: Flash floods have returned to haunt Guwahati denizens after several localities that have for decades been prone to severe waterlogging were left with knee-deep water after the heavy rain this morning, 

Waterlogging was reported in many areas of Guwahati since Sunday evening following the showers that have intermittently lashed the capital city. 

Many areas of Beltola Survey, Chandmari, Hatigaon and parts of Nabin Nagar reported severe water-logging throwing life out of gear for the residents who, since early Monday morning, faced innumerable difficulties in reaching schools and offices.      

On the other hand, flash floods caused traffic congestion in several parts of the city.

People had a tough time as they were stranded at various places following the heavy rainfall.

“It is not a new thing for us. A mild rainfall causes floods in this area,” said a citizen at Beltola Survey.

“It’s pathetic. Every time rains lash Guwahati, it leads to waterlogging. Our lives have become pathetic. The government seriously needs to do something to minimize waterlogging and flash floods,” another resident said. 

The rapidly developing metropolitan environment has indiscriminately changed the large vacant lands and natural drainage controls which has changed the ecology and worsened the artificial flood situation of Guwahati.