Guwahati gets ready for Kojagari Lokkhi Puja


Guwahati:  Right after Durga Puja Sharad Purnima is observed as Kojagari Lokkhi Pujo or Lakshmi in several parts of India particularly in Assam, West Bengal, Odisha and parts of eastern Bihar.

Following the norms and protocols for COVID-19 Guwahati City is gearing up for a low-key celebration of Lakshmi Puja. People usually celebrate this day with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. But this year, the scenario is completely different due to the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe.  There is no buzz in the market ahead of Lakshmi compared to previous years.

The Ganeshguri market is filled with Lakshmi idols, with garlands, flowers, fruits, earthen lamps and other decoration materials for the occasion. People are thronging the market to buy Lakshmi idols, fruits, vegetables and other puja items. 

Buyers complained that the prices which had been already high this pandemic year, increased manifold during the pujas. But on Friday morning, they said that they found most fruits and other items beyond their reach. 

Those who have puja at home said as no guest had been invited this year, they could get away with buying small quantities. 

“We are not able to sell our idols at desired prices and from morning only a few pieces have been sold. I have come here with 100 pieces in Ganeshguri to sell the idols from Goalpara but could only sell 5 to 10 pieces only. This year, the sale has drastically gone down due to Coronavirus”, said a vendor

“I have been trying to sell idols, flowers and other items for the puja but couldn’t gather a single customer from the morning. Every year, we do a good business but this year, it seems we have to go back home with almost empty hands. But we are still hoping that in the evening we can make some business. Because people will celebrate Lakshmi Puja amid the pandemic also”, said another vendor.

The same is with the Fancy Bazar market. People are busy buying puja items but are complaining about the high price. 

As per, moonrise on Sharad Purnima will happen at 04:39 pm. The Purnima Tithi then begins at 05.45 pm on October 30 ends at 08.18 pm on October 31, 2020.

This Lakshmi Puja is specially performed in households on Kojagari Purnima or Sharad Purnima. According to legend, the Goddess Lakshmi visits the houses of people to bless them when they worship her at night. Kojagari is derived from the Bengali words Ke Jago Re meaning ‘who is awake’ and it is believed that on the day of Kojagari Lakshmi Puja, Goddess Lakshmi takes around on the Earth’s orbit and relieves her devotees from their woes. Those who remain to awaken on the night of Sharad Purnima are blessed with health and wealth. The puja is performed by the woman of the house as it is believed that in every woman Maa Lokkhi resides.