Guwahati: FISHFED starts selling fish from today


Guwahati: The Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (Metro)  has allowed to sell local fish to the residents of Guwahati  from today.

The Rupnagar outlet of FISHFED, today morning started  selling local fishes to all nearby residents by maintaining all COVID19 protocols including social distancing.

People came out to buy fishes at the Rupnagar outlet and maintained social distancing and followed all the directives and protocols set by the government.

The rate of the category of fishes was as per the existing rate fixed by the FISHFED. FISHFED will also issue passes to maximum 5 vehicles for carrying fishes from different locations.

As per the instructions received from the government there will also be door-to-door sale of local fishes for residents of the city. Wholesalers will bring fish to three points: Uzanbazar, Pandu and Bhetapara through vehicles permitted by the fishery department and FISHFED, Assam.

From the respective points the door-to-door delivery persons will collect their quantity.

The process of handling over fish by the wholesalers to the door-to-door delivery persons must be completed by 7 AM daily.

The order further also specified  that only door-to-door will be allowed and no market or roadside points are permitted for sale.