Guwahati fire: “The flames spread very fast before we could save the boys” says relative


GUWAHATI: The fire incident that took the lives of Ishan and Ivan Goswami at Wireless, Guwahati spread very fast. It was so quick that the first floor of the house went into flames within a few minutes. Though the fire brigade was informed it was too late before the fire tenders arrived.

Neighbors and relatives stood helplessly as they could do nothing while both the boys screamed for help from inside the house. The boys got trapped inside the house as the fire had spread all over the first floor. They could not come down and had to give their lives.

“We were working downstairs behind the house with the masons. The mother and the grandmother were downstairs. It was the grandmother who saw the fire. As we looked up the whole house was in flames. We could hear the boys scream for help but could not go near because of the intensity of the fire. Though there is a fire brigade station nearby the fire tenders reached late. We could not save the kids,” said a helpless relative.

“The cause of the fire cannot be ascertained for now. There were no eye-witnesses. We found two charred bodies of the boys. The fire department had a hard time fighting the fire. By the time we reached the room the boys were gone,” said an official of the fire department. (Read More)