Guwahati road dividers turn red, plastic sheets used to cover ‘shame’


GUWAHATI, Dec 4: City authorities are at their wits end to tackle a bizarre problem in Guwahati — public nuisance in the form of spitting on the freshly-painted road dividers along the busy GS Road.

Faced with this crisis, authorities in Guwahati on Wednesday were forced to cover the freshly-painted dividers with plastic sheets.

Guwahati is getting a facelift with authorities trying to give the city a new look for the upcoming visit of PM Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe on Dec 15.

However, municipal workers were faced with a bizarre problem with a section of Guwahatians with no civic sense simply lowering their car windows or slowing their motor bikes and spitting on the dividers that have been given a fresh coat of paint.

“We are forced to cover the freshly-painted dividers with plastic sheets as people with no qualms for civic sense are simply spitting right, left and centre on the dividers,” a painter engaged in the beautification drive told News Live.

Our reporter came across people driving in luxiourious cars and flashy motorbikes simply spitting on the dividers the moment traffic slows down.

“We are ashamed with people who claim themselves to be educated and driving costly cars but without any civic sence and spitting on these freshly-painted dividers. These people should be booked and hefty fines slapped on them so that people in future think twice before spitting on road dividers, streets and other public places,” a resident of Guwahati’s Christian Basti locality said.