Guwahati Boy turns savior for stray dogs, Builds shelter


Guwahati: Our generation is so much obsessed with fancy foreign dog breeds that they almost forgot about their own Indie dog breeds. And that is the reason these Indie breeds are on the verge of extinction. Once this Indian dog used to live proudly under the shelter of their owner but now they have suddenly abandoned it, and made completely dependent on the leftovers thrown away on road side. This Indie breeds are also known as stray dogs in our county.

But, in this busy and selfish world there are still some people who are trying to revive local India stray dogs and to give them a life in the winter.

Sahid Ahmed, a resident of Dhirenpara and an animal lover, has taken the initiative to install pet zones in and around his locality to protect the stray dogs in the winter.

Shahid has installed water bowls on the street sides for the respite of animals. He has also urged people to come forward and help him with his initiative.

As of now, Sahid has installed five of these zones in and around Lokhra area and in Itabhata and near Battlion Gate in Guwahati.

It is to be mentioned that earlier, he had installed water bowls independently in the Dhirenpara Itabhata area. For this, he approached his local factory and asked them to make a small pole with two attachments for water bowls.  

Ahmed considers himself an animal lover and says that he also feeds stray dogs and cows in his locality regularly.