Guwahati: Bhuruka wins hearts with tea and traditional snacks


GUWAHATI: Bhuruka Fresh Food, a food outlet in Guwahati is winning the hearts of the city dwellers with its tea varieties and traditional snacks. Young entrepreneur Bidyut Jyoti Kalita set up ‘Bhuruka’ at Chandmari on December 11, 2019 with an aim to promote Assam tea and laru-pitha of the State.

Bidyut who had post-graduated in political science from Gauhati University said, “The main aim is to become self-reliant and promote local food items. I don’t have any business background. But, I was fascinated by the inspiring stories of the successful entrepreneurs. So, I took the risk to initiate this venture.”

Bidyut who had lost his father at a tender age belongs to a humble family background. The shop is run by Bidyut and his mother.

“Over the last one year, Bhuruka has received tremendous response. Social media is like a blessing for me. People not only from Guwahati, but also from other parts of Assam visit our shop to enjoy tea and snacks as they come to know about ‘Buruka’ on social media,” said an elated Bidyut on the first anniversary of his debut venture.

He also stated that in coming days, many more traditional food items would be made available at Bhuruka.

“I want the new generation to be familiar with our local food items. Our laru-pitha should be consumed like we do have fast food or food items from other regions,” the young entrepreneur said.

At present, Bhuruka menu includes tea varieties such as ginger tea, cinnamon tea, elaichi tea, masala tea, ginger-elaichi tea, chocolate tea, Buruka special tea, jaggery tea, lemon tea, mint tea, orthodox tea, bael tea etc.

On the other hand, Bidyut has made fusion of traditional laru-pitha and introduced choco tekeli pitha, special narikol laru and some other delicacies.

“Bhuruka is special not only for the tea and snacks, but also for the beautiful ambience and affinity Bidyut and his mother have for every customer,” said Deep Sundar Bhuyan, who frequents this food outlet.

Besides providing relish with tea and snacks, Bhuruka has also organised quiz competition and special cultural programmes in recent times. 

On the other hand, Bidyut distributed food items among police personnel during the COVID-induced lockdown.