Guwahati: 8-year-old swept away in drain during heavy rainfall, search operations on


Amidst the ongoing urban floods in Guwahati, a tragic incident unfolded last night in the city. An eight-year-old child who was travelling with his father on a two-wheeler, fell into an open drain and was swept away by the raging flood waters. The child remained untraced even after over 12 hours.

Narrating how the incident happened, the father said, “There was traffic jam in the main road, so I took a shortcut, but the shortcut route was flooded heavily with water upto the neck. The scooter suddenly slipped and the child fell into the drain that was not covered. I tried to get hold of him but couldn’t. I could not catch my own child.”

“We searched for him the entire night, but we couldn’t find him. I want to see my child soon,” mother of the child who has been crying inconsolably said.

“Since morning 3:30 am we are waiting for him to come back home. I request the authorities to rescue my grandchild somehow,” the child’s grandfather, said in a choked up voice.

The horrific incident has sent shockwaves and questions are being asked about how the administration can be so lax. The SDRF and Police are carrying out search operations but with little luck.