Guwahati: Main accused Akash Choudhury confesses murder of elderly couple


Guwahati: The prime accused Akash Choudhury in the murder case of an elderly couple in Beltola confessed to the murder under police interrogation on Thursday night.

No further official information has been disclosed by the police in relation to the confession of Akash Das.

Prime accused Akash will be interrogated again at the Basistha Police station in the presence of the joint police commissioner.

The wife of Akash, Putu Das has also been brought to the Basistha Police station on Friday. This is followed by the possibility of full disclosure of the entire incident.

Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma also visited the residence of the deceased elderly couple and interacted with the family members  on Wednesday. He assured the guilty will be given strict punishment and the case will be resolved soon.

On October 26, Akash Choudhury, the caretaker of the elderly couple, was arrested.  His wife was  also detained in suspect of the murders of Noni Gopal Baruah and Mina Baruah. Besides, two other suspects Satyendra Singh and Paresh Choudhury were also detained for interrogation. Singh was present at the victims’ residence on Monday night.

On Wednesday Guwahati police also detained two more persons in the elderly-couple murder case. The detainees were identified as Buddhdeb alias Babul and Joon Saikia. Currently both of them are being interrogated at Dispur police station.