Gurinder Baasi aims to inspire souls with his music


In today’s society, we see many individuals in the music industry fold from the global pandemic. It has sucked the life out of some up-and-coming artists as it shows no end in sight. While a majority of people are falling into this category, that doesn’t mean everyone is. That’s where Artist Gurinder Baasi comes into play.

Consistency, over the top quality, and support from friends and family are three key influences in how Gurinder has shaped his career. 2018 marked the start of his musical journey when he began to make beats for himself on his laptop. Gurinder wanted to learn all the ins and outs that go into making a song. He learned how to produce and write songs from scratch. After years of hard work and dedication, Gurinder has started to gain some stain in the Love Music game.

Gaining some traction in the music industry is far from the most challenging feat that Gurinder has had to overcome in his lifetime. Not only has he had to learn a completely different language off the bat, but he has gone through the everyday struggles that 99.9% of people do as well.

He knows what it’s like to take heat from strangers on the internet, to be made fun of for doing something you’re passionate about, or to have no one support your dreams. These situations are all too real in all of our everyday lives that it makes it easy to relate to Gurinder Baasi as you listen to his music. He’s lived through it and reinforced the statement that no one is in it alone and that he wants to help his fans through his platform as much as he can.

Many people have found their true passion and calling amid the global pandemic, and Gurinder Baasi is one of them. He has done the perfect job in setting himself up for an illustrious 2021. All that is left now is to execute. Keep an eye on Jiwanta as he moves through the music industry. His inspiring yet trap-based sound make for a dynamic duo in the sound department that is guaranteed to capture your attention.