Grey Jabesi’s swift rise as one of the top entrepreneurs and investors in the crypto world turns heads and how


Grey Jabesi’s swift rise as one of the top entrepreneurs and investors in the crypto world turns heads and how.

The founder of Crypto University also runs a successful YouTube channel named Crypto Hustle, a crypto education channel.

Isn’t it amazing to know about all those people and professionals who, through their work, push the envelope and create a unique path of success for themselves? This is definitely easier said than done, but there have been a few who have done even that and have shown their A-game to the world in all that they have chosen to lay their hands on. The vast and ever-evolving digital financial industry has been a witness to the birth and the rise of many such talented beings; however, only a handful of them have gone ahead in taking the industry to gigantic levels of success, and one among them is Grey Jabesi, the proud founder of Crypto University (Crypto U), Survival Skills Podcast and his YouTube channel Crypto Hustle.

Grey Jabesi, now settled in Dubai, the UAE, is an African tech entrepreneur and investor and is driven towards his mission to build Africa he wants to see. Many know him as the top cryptocurrency and blockchain influencer and now also know as an expert and educator in the field, who with Crypto University has in ways more than one, changed the scenario of crypto for the better, since the time he incepted in 2018. He mentions that he wanted to help up-and-comers to avoid the scams in the crypto world and also worked towards providing advanced education for traders, investors, and professionals. He says that crypto is the ultimate financial tool, and at his university, they aim to educate and empower people through blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge across the world.

Grey Jabesi also runs his YouTube channel named Crypto Hustle, which has already earned 155K subscribers and thousands of views on each of his videos consisting of compelling content that goes ahead in educating and informing people all about cryptocurrencies and related things. With Crypto University, which has now become the #1 crypto community in the world, he helps people learn, trade, invest and play.