Govinda and Eric of Kaga Basketball Academy to Play


Govinda and Eric of Kaga Basketball Academy to Play

They are representing the academy at the 3×3 Thai Basketball Super League to be held soon.

The sport of basketball has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years, with viewership growing steadily and participation levels reaching record highs. This trend can be attributed to the emergence of good players as well as the success of teams across the globe. As more people have become fans of the sport, basketball has become an increasingly visible part of global culture, with a range of events and collaborations being launched. Basketball federations worldwide have invested heavily in expanding the reach of the game, introducing new initiatives and providing support to grassroot programmes. The future looks bright for basketball, and with the continued success of its players, the sport is only bouncing higher than ever.

Amongst the many countries, India has also established itself as a notable force in the world of basketball, with a history of producing some of the sport’s most talented athletes and experts. Today, India has a wide variety of basketball organizations, teams and leagues, all of which are working together to promote the sport and create a strong presence in the international basketball community. Kaga Basketball Academy is one such body which has produced some of the finest players who have not only done well nationally, but are making their mark on international shores too.

We have two such players from Kaga Basketball Academy who are all set to take the international basketball arena on fire, they are Govinda Sharma and Eric Framjee. They are ready to represent the academy in the 3×3 Thai Basketball Super League. Govinda Sharma is the former number 1 basketball player in India in 3×3 Basketball, and is also the founder of Kaga Basketball Academy, which is known for its training prowess in North Bengal. He has won many international tournaments, winning a silver medal in the Gatorade 3×3 Challenge which was held in Malaysia in 2022. Sharma also won the silver medal in the Kalba Beach Games, Dubai in 2022.

Eric Framjee, on the other hand, has previously played in the Thai Super League in the year 2022 for Kaga Basketball Academy. He has even participated in the Gatorade 3X3 Challenge Malaysia, and won his first international silver medal. Framjee is the former No 7 ranked player in FIBA. The duo, with their immense amount of knowledge and experience, are confident of winning for their side, and take home the cup for their academy. Other players who are joining the duo are 23 year old Akash Kumar, a former Number 2 3×3 player, Parvesh Bhatia, former FIBA 3×3 India Rank 3 player and Pratik Bhadalekar who is currently playing india’s only professional league Mizoram Super League Season