Government of Assam has imposed a complete ban on single-use of plastics


Guwahati: The Government of Assam has imposed a complete ban on the use, manufacture, import, supply, store, transport, sale or distribution of plastic bags less than 50 microns, plastic cups with diameter less than 60 mm and thickness less than 50 microns, as well as short life PVC, in the premises of the State Secretariat, Janata Bhawan.
In a notification dated September 30, 2019, the Commissioner and Secretary, Secretariat Administration Department, M Angamuthu issued some directions for imposing complete ban on manufacture, import, supply, sale and use of plastic carry bags/ plastic sheets/ multilayered packaging less than 50 microns, short life PVC and all chlorinated plastic bags/ sheets/ banners/ flex/ buntings/ flags irrespective of thickness inside the premises of Janata Bhawan with immediate effect.
The State Government has decided to use multi-use bottles made of metal, glass, bamboo or any other materials to be used now onward instead of single use plastic water bottles in meeting, conference etc. Water dispensers with paper cups are to be used for dispensing water in meetings, conferences, kiosks etc. Plastic spoons, forks, cups, glass, cling film, ketchup, sugar or any other sachet, straws, plates are strictly not allowed in the premises. It has been suggested to use alternate materials which do not have serious harm on the environment instead of single-use plastics.

It is a welcoming initiative by the Government of Assam in unison with the Central Government ahead of the Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations on the 2nd of October, 2019 to curb the single-use of plastics pollution and safe guard the environment against plastic waste. The Government has taken the initiative to create awareness against the hazards of single-use plastic and explore sustainable alternative had taken up some stringent steps in the premises of Janata Bhawan which will come into force with immediate effect to curb the single-use plastic in the complex.