Google Nearby Share will allow users to send files to multiple people at once


Washington: Tech giant Google is working on increasing the utility of its Neary Share feature for Android smartphones. With the upcoming update, users will be able to share files with multiple users around them at the same time.

As per Mashable India, the feature currently only allows users to share files and other data with one person and device at a time. Moreover, that person should be your contact on the device.

However, with the forthcoming update, Nearby Share will be able to see everyone near you and will also allow users to send multiples files, links, and data to several users and devices. With this new update, the ‘All Contacts’ setting will become a toggle in the Contacts setting.

However, the setting is optional and others can only share data with you if your device is unlocked. To further make sure the feature is not being exploited, the update will also come equipped with a ‘temporary mode’ after which it will go back to ‘contacts only’ mode post five minutes.

The updated Nearby Share feature will not be sharing data with other devices at the same time but in succession.

Google has been working on a lot of new features. For example, it was recently reported that Google is adding support for the ‘Full Coverage’ feature to Google Search. This will make it easier for people to explore all aspects of a story from different perspectives.

Google’s ‘Full Coverage’ feature was introduced back in 2018 as part of Google News. It helps users explore top news, local headlines, explainers, and more with simply a tap around a news story. (ANI)