Golaghat: Wife runs away with husband’s hard-earned money leaving him teary-eyed


Guwahati: In a bizarre incident a man was seen crying helplessly carrying his daughters over his shoulders on the roads of Golaghat, Assam.

According to the reports, the man has been identified as Mohammad Jamal who along with his daughter has been moving from Golaghat Police station to news papers offices carrying his missing wife’s photograph.

Jamil’s wife Amina has gone missing from past 4 days with his 3-year-old son. She also allegedly took Rs. 50 thousand cash and all the gold that was at home.

“My wife ran away with my 3-year-old son and Rs. 50 thousand cash from my home. She has been missing from past 4 days. Her Name is Amina Begum. We call her Pakhiza. She ran away with all my hard earn money and all the gold. I called her today. Her phone was ringing but nobody received it. So immediately I went to the police station but the cops told me to check it by myself,” said Jamil Mohammad.