Gaurav Gogoi is a young boy, I wish him best: Himanta Biswa Sarma


GUWAHATI: Terming Assam Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi as a young boy, Assam Health Minister and NEDA Convenor, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said that there is nothing between him and the junior Gogoi.

Replying to reporters’ queries on Gogoi’s barbs at him, the senior BJP leader said, “Gaurav Gogoi is a kid and I have nothing against him. Being a kid he can speak whatever he likes and I don’t want to comment about it. I have been sharing a relationship with his father Tarun Gogoi, and I already have spoken to his father all these years. So there is no need for me to speak to Gaurav Gogoi.”

“I was a cabinet minister with his father for a long time. We all have paid our respect to his father who is no more with us. So there is no point debating with him. If someone has to talk to Gaurav Gogoi it has to be my son. My son would talk to him whenever he is ready to do so,” said Dr. Sarma

Last but not the least Dr. Sarma also wished Gaurav Gogoi all the best for his future endeavours. “He is a young person. If criticising me gets him a good position, post etc. I will be proud as he is Tarun Gogoi’s son. He is also like our son. The better he does in life it will make me happy.”