Ganja seized, four arrested at Kharupetia


GUWAHATI: Assam Police on Tursday arrested four persons along with ganja from Kharupetia in Darrang district.

Police recovered around 10 kg ganja from their possession.

“Our Hunt Againast Narco Criminals are ON, this time it was at Kharupetia :: Recovered approx. 10 KGs of Suspected Ganja & other accessories,” Darrang Police tweeted.

It is pertinent to add that more than 450 people have been arrested by Assam Police following a crackdown on drug dealers, ordered by chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma since he assumed office on May 10, an officer told news agency PTI.

The police have registered 264 cases and arrested 441 people during the period May 10 to 31 while “the war against drugs” was continuing with daily arrests taking place in different districts of the state.

The chief minister had recently said that the state government’s goal is to create a substance-free society and Assam Police will take a stern stand against peddling of drugs.

The seizures made so far include 6.57 kg of heroin, 5,785.85 kg of ganja, 92,366 numbers of Yaba and other tablets.

The police have also seized Rs 17,11,130 in cash along with 20 gm of morphine and 426 gm of opium so far.

The police will continue its relentless fight against the drug peddlers in the state and ensure that it becomes free from the menace of drugs, the spokesperson added.