Full dress rehearsal of Republic Day parade


New Delhi: A full dress rehearsal of the Republic Day parade took place at Rajpath here on Thursday.

The rehearsal took the actual route that the parade will take on January 26 – proceeding towards the Red Fort via Rajpath.

According to a traffic advisory for Republic Day too, no traffic will be allowed on Rajpath from Vijay Chowk to India Gate from 6 pm on Saturday till the parade gets over on Sunday.

No cross traffic on Rajpath from 11 pm on Saturday at Rafi Marg, Janpath, Man Singh Road till the parade gets over.

C-Hexagon-India Gate will be closed for traffic from 2 am on Sunday till the parade crosses Tilak Marg, the traffic advisory said.

In this year’s Republic Day parade the Dhanush 145 mm 52 calibre Howitzers, which were recently inducted into the Army will be showcased. The Defence Research and Development Organisation will also showcase the Anti-Satellite Weapon System.

A total of 22 tableaux will be showcased in the Republic Day parade this year. (ANI)