From bloodthirsty Pixaas to Jokhini: Assam Youth Makes AI-Generated Art Depicting Ghosts from Assamese Folklore


Assam youth named Chinmoy Barma created a sensation on social media by making digitally Al Generated art depicting ghosts and demons from Assamese Folklore.

Folklores are passed down through generations orally and an AI artist from Assam Chinmoy Barma has visualised them rendering spooky images. From the frightening Bira, who is often connected with people undergoing emotional stress, to the three-legged Kon Bhoot sans neck, ghosts and evil spirits are galore in the series of images.

Chinmoy Barma hailing from Nagaon is a Film Director, Engineer, and Artist. He directed short movies like Ghorapak, Tezor Tukura, Jokhini.


  1. Pixaas

Pixaas is a bloodthirsty demon. It is a common motif in many mythologies and religions. A Pixaas, in many belief systems, is an evil spirit or supernatural entity that is often associated malevolence.

2. Kon bhoot

Kon bhoot

It is a 3 legged creature with no neck and an eye on his chest. This is regarded to be the king of the ghosts. This is believed to have looked really scary and harmful in nature.

3. Burha Dangoriya

Burha Dangoriya

The name literally means old guradian in Assamese language. He is dressed in white and seen riding a horse. He is the protector of the Naamghor. He helps those in distress, but also punish ones found guilty.

4. Bordoisila


Bordoisila is known as the goddess of storms in Assamese mythology. It is a sort of wild storm lashed with heavy wind which caused severe damage in the areas. According to the Assamese tradition, it is believed that Bordoisila is a beautiful married woman who goes to her mother’s home to celebrate Bihu.

5. Jokhini


Jokhini is the Assamese version of witch. Like their counterparts around the world the Jokhini sports the same physical description. Though it’s said to be fond of jujuba trees. Jokhini are said to be ambivalent but wise.

6. Bira


Bira is believed, in Assamese society, to have created enormous wealth for its masters.

7. Bamboo Ghost

Bamboo Ghost

This one resides in the bamboo groves of Assam. Their chief target happens to be wayfarers walking under a bamboo grove. A bamboo would fall on the head, or at times it would be lying across the path and snap back if anyone tries to walk over it.

8. Baak


Baak is a water ghost. It is said to be exceptionally tall, with reed thin limbs. It’s habitation are the paddy fields filled with water. It’s not particularly hostile towards humans, but it doesn’t like to be seen by people.

9. Puwali Bhoot

Puwali Bhoot

Their name literally means “little ghosts”. They are full of mischief like their human counterparts.

They love raiding the kitchens for sweet treats. They sound cute but can cause harm to humans if seen.