From Being an Introvert Kid to Top Music Producer in India, Here Is How Trapperx Turned His Life Around


When we look at popular music stars, we see their success but not their struggles. The same is true for music artist Sushil Ghunawat who is better known by his artist name Trapperx. The Music Producer is one of the best Electronic Music Producers in Rajasthan. However, things were not always easy for the talented artist.

In fact, when Trapperx was in school he was actually quite shy. He opened up on the same and said, “As a young boy, I always found it hard to engage with my studies. I was always inclined towards music and I found my peace in it. However, people didn’t understand my love for the art but that didn’t stop me from following my goals. I have worked hard on my skills and my personality, which is why I never take anything for granted.”

He further added, “I was raised in a humble and down-to-earth family. I didn’t have a phone, had basic clothes and empty pockets, but this taught me to value things. Even today when people come up to me for photos or praise me, I stay grounded cause I know how fickle fame can be. The best way to move forward as an artist is to work hard and don’t let the fame get to your head.”

Today, Trapperx is working with many renowned faces in the entertainment industry. He wants to set an example for all the young artists that no matter where you come from you can always reach your goals if you stay dedicated and true to yourself. You can follow him on Instagram to know more about his journey!