Free Wifi – 11,000 wifi hotspots for Delhi, first 100 by Dec 16: CM Kejriwal


New Delhi: Announcing that people in Delhi will soon be able to enjoy free WiFi access, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday announced that the state government plans to set up 11,000 wifi-hotspots in the national capital within the next six months and the first 100 hotspots will be inaugurated on December 16.

Speaking to the media, the chief minister said, “Providing free WIFI to the people of Delhi was an important part of our manifesto. So, 11,000 wifi-hotspots will be set up in which 4000 hotspots will be set up at bus stops and 7000 in markets which will be divided as per 100 hotspots per assembly. The first 100 hotspots will be inaugurated on December 16.”

“It will cost around Rs 100 crores. Subsequently, every week 500 wifi-hotspots will be added, and within 6 months these 11,000 hotspots will be set up. This step will help students and people in other sectors,” he added.

In August, the Chief Minister had announced that 2.80 lakh CCTV cameras will be installed across the national capital, along with 11,000 free WiFi hotspots.

“One of our major electoral promises was of giving free WiFi. Cabinet has approved a decision that 11,000 hotspots will be installed in whole Delhi in which 4000 spots will be at bus stops and the other 7000 hotspots will be divided as per 100 hotspots per assembly. Every user will be given 15 GB of free data per month. This will be the first phase,” Kejriwal had said.

The chief minister had also said that within three to four months the work for both the CCTVs and WiFi hotspots will begin after the process of tender and work allocation is done.

Free Wi-Fi was a key poll promise of the AAP during the last assembly elections. The state is set to go to polls soon. (ANI)