Founder of Techno India, Ashar Baig takes over as CEO of Techno Vision India  


Guwahati: It’s like planting a sapling when it comes to starting a business. You must first commit your time and money. Then you must look after it with no expectation of anything in return. But when your business takes off, all of your patience and hard work will be rewarded. Many startups, like saplings, fail to flourish and die one to three years after their inception. But an experienced Entrepreneur is someone who knows what goes behind building their own business. One such Indian Entrepreneur is Ashar Baig who founded Techno India, an Import company. He further started dealing with several other small companies in the electronic market. At present, he has

taken over as CEO of Techno Vision India at a very young age.

Techno Vision India is one of the top rising companies these days and is providing the best robokit parts and hardware spare parts across India. While Techno India is a well-known firm that specializes in importing hardware parts and reselling them at the best possible prices, thanks to his deduction and determination. This benefits the end user as well. He has received three honors for being India’s Youngest Successful Entrepreneur. His narrative encourages young people to take risks and pursue their goals.

Sharing his thoughts, Ashar Baig stated, “ My mother, Kausar Baig, and father, Dr. M. A Baig, have been very encouraging and supportive of my work since the beginning. They’ve given me motivation! I’ve had dry days where no one believes in my ideas or abilities, but I didn’t let it bother me. I continued going, doing my best, and now I can proudly look at Techno India with a proud smile on my face. The fact that my baby is receiving so much love and support motivates me to do good. I encourage every child to take their aspirations seriously and work hard to make them a reality. Best wishes!”

One such example of hard effort, dedication, and a young entrepreneurial brain is this visionary entrepreneur. He wanted to stand out from his friends in college and make a statement about his presence in the country. He had always been a risk taker, therefore he launched into business with only INR 500 in his pocket. Ashar realized the reach of social media nine years ago, when it was gaining traction, and with the little money he had, he began selling mobile accessories and computer parts online via Instagram.

Since he was eager to expand his firm, he lowered his own expenses to focus on this new initiative. He opened his first actual office, dealing with hardware parts when he was just 20 years old. With his devotion and perseverance, he founded Techno India at the age of 24. Today, Techno India is a well-known brand that deals in importing hardware parts and reselling them at the cheapest prices. He has received three accolades for his outstanding performance as India’s Youngest Successful Entrepreneur. His narrative encourages young people to take risks and pursue their goals.

Ashar was one of the first people to start an online business, and getting client trust back then was extremely tough. He got to where he is today via sheer hard work, devotion, and strategic planning. All he wants is to provide a comfortable life for his parents. He strives for this goal on a daily basis. He has traveled miles for a profit margin of merely 50 rupees on several occasions. And today, he is a role model for many young people who want to establish their own firms. Along with being a successful entrepreneur, he is a freelance model and a social media influencer.