Former ULFA members in Darrang turning towards Green Revolution


GUWAHATI: Leaving armed revolution aside ULFA members in Darrang are turning towards green revolution. In place of automatic weapons they now have agriculture machinery and tools. With their hard work they have become inspiration for many. Villages of Ramhari and Somuapara in Darrang district are setting up an example for other villages to take up farming for livelihood.

The men involved with the farming of vegetables and other agricultural products were with ULFA in the past. Around 50 former ULFA cadres are toiling to bring Green Revolution in this area. The former rebels have grown chillies, brinjals, sunflower and many other such crops. Last year, they had cultivated potato in this farm. The total farm area taken up for cultivation is around 200 bighas. The project comes under Assam Government’s Department of Home.

In the nearby farm of Somuapara paddy is being cultivated. Many of these former ULFA members were trained in Bhutan and Myanmar. These rebels have come back to the mainstream and are trying to give something back to the society. “We have given up weapons and taken up the plough. We, from the armed wing have come together to start this agriculture farm. The objective is to empower ourselves and show this path to others as well. There is no alternative to farming and so we will have to do it,” said one former ULFA member.

The man who made this project possible is Pranjit Saikia. “I thank the media for showing the work of these rebels from ULFA who had been at home after their surrender in 1992. I have organised these boys from Darrang and Udalgari to come together. These former rebels are not part of the ongoing peace talks and are working here under the banner of an NGO DAST-R. I have only one request through the media and that is the government should give us some backup so that we can produce organic vegetables here in Ramhari, Mangaldai. We want everyone to enjoy vegetables that are free from chemicals,” said Saikia.