“For a better future of the citizens of a region, roads and infrastructure are basic rights and needs,” says politician Chaitanya Sharma


He says that not just Himachal Pradesh, where he actively works but politicians and governments across other states should collectively work for the greater growth of the country.

What really makes a person stand out from the rest in any avenue today is not just how rich one’s experiences have been in his life but rather what one has learnt from them and how they strive to create a greater impact on society. The world’s most astute politicians are the ones that put forward the growth of their people first and work passionately to accomplish the same. The young politician of Una district in Gagret, Himachal Pradesh and the President of Yuva Shakti Parakram, a one-of-a-kind Youth-led organization, Chaitanya Sharma believes that every citizen and inhabitant of a region in any country needs their basic rights and necessities. This includes the roads and infrastructure of the region, he underscores.

Chaitanya Sharma says that more people, particularly the youth, should come forward to be a part of young political groups and associate themselves with positive initiatives, like the ones undertaken under his organization, to contribute their efforts to build better roads and infrastructure to help people. Many villages in India still lack proper roads; but in Himachal Pradesh, things are looking better. Particularly after Chaitanya Sharma’s election as the councillor for the Una district. Good roads help students, working professionals, business owners, and farmers reach their destinations conveniently, boosting connectivity and bringing in a plethora of new opportunities.

Under his organization, he had started the “Unnati Mein Shakti” initiative, through which he helped build over 1500 roads. Besides this, he built bridges and did help in repairing some, including government buildings. Chaitanya Sharma (@iam_chaitanyas) points out that he could do all this because people trusted him for his work. He suggests other political figures too across states in the country to carry forward various meaningful initiatives that can truly make a positive difference in their region and take the country forward in more ways than one.