Following on his seven- point plan during COVID-19 lockdown, PM Modi calls senior party leader to enquire about his health


New Delhi:  Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making a special effort to check on the health of his senior colleagues in the Bharatiya Janata party in keeping with his reminder to people on April 14 to take special care of senior citizens in their homes.

The Prime Minister is understood to be calling on several of his senior colleagues on the phone to check on their health and ensure that they are not facing any trouble during the nationwide lockdown.

And one such person whom the Prime Minister called today morning was two times former MLA from Delhi O P Babbar.

“The call came at around 8:30 am. He said that he was sitting today and it occurred to him to call people who have taught him and whose hands he held and travelled this far, and enquired about my health. He also asked about my family. He was sounding so humble. It felt so nice,” said 85 years old Babbar.

During the calls, PM Modi is learnt to have also engaged in talks that included him reminiscing about the time he spent with these senior leaders
Babbar spoke about how he keeps himself engaged by ensuring distribution of ration kits to the needy.

“I said I am a Swayamsevak and using all I have learnt from Sangh to help people. PM said we all have learnt from Sangh and that he too is a Swayamsevak observing lockdown in the interest of the nation. It was great to hear from him,” added Babbar.

Another senior party leader informed that the PM has decided to call on senior leaders with whom he has shared his life’s journey. (ANI)