Farmers in Bokakhat assembly constituency propel Atmanirbhar Assam with Pumpkin production


Leading the way towards an Atmanirbhar Assam, the farmers of Bokakhat assembly constituency in Assam’s Golaghat district are now engaged in an agricultural revolution in the region by producing pumpkins.

The farmers of the Bokakhat assembly constituency have sent pumpkins worth Rs 5.24 crore to the markets in other states.

Assam Agriculture Minister Atul Bora said that farmers in the Bokakhat constituency sent Rs 2 crore worth of pumpkins to markets in other states last year while farmers in the region sent Rs 5.24 crore worth of pumpkins this year.

“This year, a large number of pumpkins have yet to be sent to markets in other states. Along with the farmers in Kuruabahi Gaon Panchayat, the farmers of Madhya Mohura and Dichai Gaon Panchayats have also grown pumpkins this year. We are confident that the target of pumpkin production set by the Government with the farmers of the region will be achieved very soon,” Atul Bora said.

He further said that the schemes and policies taken by the State Government under the strong leadership of Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma have transformed Assam’s agriculture sector.

“The majority of farmers in the state have become self-reliant by concentrating on commercial agriculture and the educated unemployed have also been able to pave the way for self-employment. I would like to congratulate the farmers for this remarkable achievement. I assure you that the Department of Agriculture, Government of Assam, will provide all possible assistance to further boost production in the coming days,” Atul Bora said.

On the other hand, Assam Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma praised the farmers saying “Phenomenal achievement! Our farmers are truly leading the way towards an Atmanirbhar Assam and towards taking our agriculture sector to the next level. We are committed to providing every opportunity and full support for their welfare.”