Facebook glitch is flooding feeds with posts from random people


Facebook users across the world are experiencing a major glitch on the social media giant.Users’ feeds have become inundated with posts to pages they follow made by complete strangers.People are turning to Twitter to try and understand what has happened with their Facebook account and to see if they have been hacked or not.

Users first began reporting problems with Facebook at about 4pm this afternoon.Australian outage tracker Downdetector has received more than 1400 reports of Facebook problems, the vast majority of which relate to the feed.Users around the world are making the most of the malfunction, some people posting memes making light of the situation, while others are using the glitch to try to gain exposure for their YouTube or other social media channels.Others are using it as a fundraising opportunity – one user has reported seeing someone sharing their Paypal details to receive donations for their sick cat.

Facebook has been contacted for a comment on the situation. The social media giant has so far not issued a statement.